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I to listen to David Crowder Band, Plankeye, Chris Rice, old school metal and countless movie scores too many to list although LOTR: Return of the King by Howard Shore may be eternally fused into my ipod alongside John Powell's How to Train your Dragon.

I am currently working on developing children's book ideas, short stories, a short graphic novel, a re-telling of the classic work, The Pilgrim's Progess by John Bunyan, and if that wasn't enough, a painting of epic proportions in the form of a masterful base coat of green for the kids' room.

I am inspired by so many artists and designers so if you are interested in that, head over to my links page as I have listed many there.

Thanks for visiting my site. Look forward to hearing from you! -matt
I work and live in Northeast Ohio with two fat, lazy cats, a dumb rabbit hunting beagle, two awesome daughters and a beautiful wife who constantly amazes me in life but also amazes me as my gaming partner in Lego Star Wars on Xbox (gamertag: DukeNorway). I graduated from CCAD in Columbus, Ohio and currently freelance as an illustrator, web & graphic designer, and programmer.

I enjoy drawing in my sketchbook, drinking an obscene amount of English blend tea, and watching NFL, MLB and NHL with my family. I also like to creatively generate lots of work for myself that will never see fruition.